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What We Do

Founded in 1996 by Jim McIntyre and Chrys Lemon, we are a boutique firm with substantial legal, political, and business expertise. By creating practical regulatory and compliance solutions that work in the real business world, we provide outside counsel with an in-house touch—all designed to help clients achieve their goals while minimizing regulatory and litigation risk.

Consumer Financial Services

For over two decades, McIntyre & Lemon has represented bank and non-bank lenders in a broad range of compliance, regulatory, and product development matters. LEARN MORE

Insurance Regulation & Licensing

We help insurance agencies, brokers, carriers, and captive insurers bring products to market, satisfy regulatory compliance obligations, and manage risk. LEARN MORE

Government Relations

Led by Jim McIntyre, who served as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the Carter Administration, our government relations team uses its political experience and knowledge to advise and advocate for businesses. LEARN MORE

Environmental & Product Safety Regulation

We help product manufacturers, chemical suppliers, and trade groups manage risk by providing legal counsel on federal and state environmental and product safety laws and regulations. LEARN MORE

Securities Regulation

We represent a diverse group of securities market participants, such as investment banks, brokerages, asset managers, and issuers, in navigating a complex securities regulatory regime. LEARN MORE