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Environmental and Product Safety Regulation

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Environmental and Product Safety Regulation

Manufacturers are subject to both federal and state environmental and product safety laws and regulations covering a host of issues, including occupational safety and health, marketing, manufacturing, and product labeling. The risk from non-compliance poses a significant financial and operational hazard.


McIntyre & Lemon helps product manufacturers and distributors manage risk by providing legal counsel on regulatory program developments and, when appropriate, engaging with regulatory agencies.


McIntyre & Lemon is well-positioned to engage in environmental and product safety legal issues. We have a long history of representing associations and companies with respect to both state and federal environmental and product safety regulations. We understand the proper way to build compliance programs and engage with regulators. We use our knowledge and insight to develop compliance strategies and processes as well as provide guidance on business decisions that may be affected by regulatory concerns.


Some of the environmental and product safety services we provide to manufacturers and associations include:


  • Rulemaking Process—Assisting clients in drafting and submitting comment letters in response to agency rulemaking proposals to both Consumer FS and Env and Product Safety Services Listing
  • Product Labeling—Advising on product labeling requirements on a state-by-state basis
  • California’s Proposition 65—Assisting companies with drafting clear and compliant Proposition 65 warning labels
  • Government Relations—Engaging with regulators and legislators on both the state and federal levels
  • Employee Safety & Health—Providing audits and advisory services related to regulated chemicals used in manufacturing processes
  • Standard-Setting Bodies—Providing advocacy before various standard-setting bodies

For more information on how we can help you navigate your regulatory and compliance challenges, contact us.